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About IFCF

The International Financial Cooperation Forum (IFCF) is jointly hosted by the Financial Services Commission of Korea and CIFC. The IFCF is hosted annually to bring together financial leaders from around the world to share insights and experiences to broaden the understanding of the changing financial environment and to deepen global financial cooperation.

Over the last seven IFCF, CIFC and its global partners have forged valuable long-term relationships for sharing financial knowledge and strengthening cooperation. CIFC sincerely believes that the 8th IFCF will serve as a guide in overcoming new challenges ahead for the global financial community.

The 8th IFCF is scheduled for December 4, 2023 and is organized under the theme “Trends in Global Financial Cooperation for Sustainability.” The forum aims to be a venue for personal networking opportunities for all participants to ultimately promote financial cooperation.

The IFCF is a 4-day long program that consists of an all-day forum, a networking session, Korean counterpart meeting, an optional cultural exploration, and a farewell dinner.

We look forward to your participation and support.