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About Seoul

Republic of Korea

Located at the center of Northeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula neighbors China, Russia, and Japan. Under the World Geodetic System, it lies between 33 and 43 degrees north latitude and 124 and 132 degrees east longitude. The Peninsula (including both North and South Koreas) is 1,000 km long and 300 km wide on average, and its total land area is 222,000 km2. The total land area of South Korea (below the Military Demarcation Line) is around 100,364 km2.
Around 3/4 of the area is covered with mountains. You can find mountains almost anywhere in the country, but there are a few places you can view flat horizons. Topologically, Korea is higher in the east and lower in the west. Tall mountains with altitudes exceeding 1,000 m are concentrated in the north and the east, forming the topological backbone of the country. The mountainsides are steeper toward the east coast, and less severe toward the west coast.
Korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides, except for the northern side. The total extension of the coastlines is 17,000 km (including islands). The East Sea is characterized by its deep waters and simpler coastlines, whereas the West and South Seas are shallower, with complicated coastlines and more islands. Each of the three seas offers distinctive features and a wide array of oceanic atmospheres: the East Sea with its clean and deep water; the West Sea with its mud flats thriving with life; and the South Sea with its numerous islands (which earned the sea its nickname: Dadohae, or the sea of many islands).
Seoul is the capital of Korea and the center of politics, economy, society, and culture. Located in the center of the Korean Peninsula. The city of Seoul has over two thousand years of history and has continued to exist as a place where culture and history have developed dynamically.
In Seoul, you can easily find traces of ancient heritage, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, throughout the city, while being able to see and enjoy the modern aspects of urban Korea. I hope you enjoy the unique and beautiful scenery that matches the past and the present.
Seoul is easily accessible from Incheon International Airport, which is one of the world's most preferred airports, and it has one of the largest transportation infrastructures which makes it easier for visitors to move to different cities.
In addition, Seoul is the heart of the “Korean Cultural Wave”, which leads the world’s cultural trend by having a variety of entertainment and other cultural elements everywhere in the city.

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